Final Music Video – These Streets




Evaluation Task 3 – Audience Feedback

Here is the audience feedback that I have gained, from posting my video on Facebook and asking for feedback, as you can see many have said that they like the overlays that I have been able to use in the music video, and the lip syncing has been done to a good extent as well.  The negative feed back that was that some people do not like the overlays that have been used, so this will have to be minimised the next time a make a music video. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.23.23 am

And here is my statistics form Youtube Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.24.41 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.29.19 am

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.33.31 am

Evaluation Task 1 – 3X3 Art of the Title

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.12.56 am

1 . As an introduction to my music video, I have used a time-lapse to set the scene and introduce the name of the song and artist. Time lapses in music videos can bee seen in different genres of music, as the natural environment can look very professional.

2. In this long shot the scene is set for the pace of the music video, it is important to professionals in the music video industry because this is the first impression of the actor or the story that is going to be told. As you can also see it is where the first colour schemes are shown and as there is a grimy, urban nature to the song, I have used the contrast of black and white. 

3. In this mid shot you can see that there is a snippet of my lead singer, this is common in music videos, because they show the singer preparing to sing.

4. In this close up shot of a hand clicking, this adds a performance element to the music video, it is domes by professionals so that the audience do not get bored of watching the story. 

5. This is a close up shot of the performer, this is very important aspect in the professional business because it is where the lip syncing  has to be pulled off well. I have also changed the colour associated with the lead singer, as we can, to make the audience associate the black and white colour scheme with the story and the coloured colour scheme with the lead singer. 

6. This is a high angle shot to carry the type of shots that have been taken, this shows the flashback of the story in a from a different angle. 

7. This is a close up shot along withe a side angle tracking shot, this part of the music video emphases the word of the song, with the help of the two angles that are shown at the same time due to the overlaying mixing of clips. This is an important point in professional music video because they have to keep the viewer engaged and not letting them get bored. 

8. This long shot of the main character shows the ending to the story, it also sets up the scene for the final chorus that the lead singer will be doing in due time. This is imprint in the professional business because it show the ending the video at times. 

9. This final mid shot shows the multi layering of the lead singer, turning and walking out and away, this emphases the lyrics that can be heard during the end of the song. This is important in the professional business because you want to have the audience totally engaged and amazed by the crescendo of the song and the video in connection, which will lead them to buy the song or album. 

Ancillary Task 6 – Audience feed back of my mock up advert

I have received some positive and negative feed back on my mock advert.

Positive feed back has been  that the QR Codes allow the consumer to connect with the album and get information quickly.  The lack of colour which reflects the music video creates intrigue into the music video, and the overlaying effect of the picture, makes it more eye catching and interesting. 

Negative feed back has been that the font style should be changed as it is plain and not eye catching.